Dear no one,
I told you that I have a problem with people who talk shit about our generation. But you shouldn't lie either so I guess I have to make things clear. The shit they talk about us is true. We are not able to go outside without our phone, even though we won't use it, we need it in our bag. We are not able to be together as two without it being awkward. We are not able to hold a proper conversation. If we don't know what to say, we tell the other person that we are so freaking tired even though we aren't. We are just bored. Bored of our world, our surrounding and especially bored of our selfs. That's why we need our phones in our bags so badly. We are afraid of having to deal with our selfs. Dear no one, can we change? Do we have to change? Is our society lost in a fast world of radiation and lies? I can't leave my Macbook. I can't leave my phone, my headphones. I can't leave you guys. The friendship I developed to nearly 700 lovely people trough this incredible platform is a great thing and I'm proud to say that I'm part of the social network generation. I'm proud because I'm part of a network of young and lost souls from all around the world, and all of these humans protect each other, help one another and save lives everyday. We aren't a generation of idiots, smartphones and dumb people. We're more than that if we want to. We have to start opening our eyes and show the world that we're not a hopeless generation. We have to learn being together as two without our smartphones in both of our hands. We have to learn to hold a proper conversation. Maybe the technology actually made humanity take a step back, but who said we can't stand up and take two steps forward? Let's go on and try not to be idiots and dumb people. Let's use the benefit of technology. Let's stay connected with the world and raise each other to be the humans we can and should be. Read a book, draw something, learn an instrument. Go outside. The internet can only be a benefit if we use it the right way. Don't leave your phone at home, you may get kidnapped and it'll be easier to find you if the police can locate it.
Thanks, have a good day, live life at its fullest,
P.S. I had a couple of problems with my camera that's why i can't show you any proper photos at the moment. But I think I fixed it! xx


Quynh N hat gesagt…

The problem is that we're using other platforms like the internet for expressing nowadays, but this isn't understandable for the older generations, bc they had different platforms in their eras too. Fion, you're very precious. :)

Anna-Sophia L. hat gesagt…

Extremely well written,and so true!

Quynh N hat gesagt…

Naaah, I was there due to an organisation (means: many museum visits & staying with the group), so I hadn't time for walking around (and loosing my way as always), but I was thinking about you little buttercup! :> I really want to visit Berlin in this summer and then you'll show me some lovely places, okay? x

karla.mumford hat gesagt…

i want you to know that you are different in some kind of way.
i can sit by your side and talk with you without feeling strange about it. or i can even not talk. that's okay too.
i tell you, you are on your way to finding yourself and when you're there your soul will be so beautifull, because it is already.
i'm sure of it!

Pina hat gesagt…

ich würde gerne irgendwas weises darauf antworten, aber ich weiß nicht was. das ist so schön geschrieben und doch kann man nicht schön sagen, weil es einen gleichzeitig traurig macht und dann doch wieder glücklich.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you very much

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